As a landlord how do I attract reliable tenants?

Property Expert:
Stephen Ludlow
Q: Having just invested in a buy-to-let property how do I attract good, reliable tenants?

Pic: Clean, smart property will attract better tenants 

Stephen's Response:

Choose a reliable and proactive agent
Working professionals want up to the minute property details they can pass to partners for a quick decision. Agents who offer you text and email have the advantage of getting your details out quickly to more tenants and at speed.  Many people now search for properties via their mobile phones. So choose a letting agent who has a dotmobi enabled website to feature your property.

Area information
Recent reports have shown that many tenants want to live near to work and check out nearby amenities. Choose an agent with area information and journey planner website facilities. 

Tenants know these agents have to abide by professional standards with correct legal agreements and safety standards. Let via an agent who is a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

24 hour repair service for emergencies
Choose an agent that can offer you a call out service for emergency plumbing etc. Tenants who have rented before will look for this.

Clean, freshly decorated property
After each tenancy your property should be refreshed if it needs it. Tatty kitchens and bathrooms are a turn-off.

Flexible hours for viewing
People often wish to view after work. Choose an agent who will do viewings for you and after work hours.

Online property details
Choose an agent who offers a picture and details of your property at their website. That way anyone who views will be very interested, and not wasting your or their time.

Property management
Some tenants prefer to rent a property they know is managed by the agency. Can your agent offer you this service?

Advice on renting
Tenants new to renting will want some guidance as to what to expect. Choose an agent who can offer literature and advice to tenants on safety regulations, paying deposits, rights etc.

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