How do I claim under the boiler scrappage scheme?

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Stephen Ludlow
Q: I want to replace my old boiler - how do I claim on the government’s new boiler scrappage scheme?

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Tenants are starting to look to a property’s green credentials...
Stephen Ludlow - Director
Stephen's Response:


The boiler scrappage scheme is a government run initiative designed to encourage property owners to upgrade their energy performance.

With a £400 incentive towards supplying and fitting a new boiler the government’s aim is to reduce the country’s hot water and heating energy expenditure.

To be eligible buy to let landlords should be aware that the old boiler should be in working order. The boiler model should be 'G rated' (the lowest efficiency level).

To apply for the boiler scrappage scheme owners need to provide the following information –

  • Your full name and address for the property you are applying for
  • The make and model number of the boiler you wish to have scrapped
  • The company or trading name of the contractor you wish to carry out the work of installing
  • The make and model of the proposed replacement boiler
  • A written quotation from the contractor hired to carry out instructed work

Be aware that work carried out before the arrival of the scrappage scheme voucher will invalidate your application. The chosen new boiler must be 'A rated' or the equivalent and be installed by a government approved company. A landlord can only claim under the boilet scrappage scheme once regardless of how many properties he or she owns.

Once all the information is to hand you can either send it to the Energy Saving Trust London or simply email .

If approved, the scheme claims that your voucher should be in the post within 10 working days.

ludlowthompson believe it pays landlords to 'go greener'. Tenants are starting to look to propertys green credentials with both their pockets and values in mind.

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